6th International Conference
on Electroceramics

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Contribution of electro-ceramics decreasing environmental pollution

Agusti SIN, Ph. D.
R&D, Senior Scientist
Pirelli & C. Eco Technology S.p.A.
Viale Luraghi s.n.c. 20020 Arese (Milan), Italy

Environmental quality is certainly a worldwide concern. Air and water pollution knows no boundaries, and reducing them is highly important with big challenges still remaining. Countries are now establishing environmental regulations that must be met by mobile as well as by stationary pollution sources. Exhausts containing volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, nitric oxides, particle matter and all can be converted to harmless nonpollutants at reasonable temperatures and with cost-effective systems using catalysts where the electroceramics plays a fundamental role. The use of catalyst systems for pollution abatement was virtually nonexistent before 70’s, but now it is a multibillion-dollar worldwide business. The applications addresses all after treatment emissions of all types of hydrocarbon fuels for automotive/stationary engines, destruction of volatile organic compounds from stationary sources such as chemical processing plants, reduction of nitric oxides from power plants and stationary engines.
This presentation will show some examples between academic to industrial applications.
It will be discussed the application of catalytic systems for mobile source emission control, the automobile catalytic converter, diesel oxidation catalysts, diesel particulate filters (the newest major application of environmental catalysis). Will describes the stationary application of catalysts, including volatile organic compounds, reduction of nitric oxides, and oxidation of gaseous carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons.
A new section has been added to show particular applications for electroceramics for water filtration and multiwall carbon nanotubes applications.


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